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Verified Non-Ratio MP3 Download sites

(alphabetical except, FTP, which are listed in order of most recently verified)
Send me more sites please, cuz FTPs go up and down every day!

Archive of My Own Music

Dub Scouts
Dub Scouts
--Go here for details

HTTP Search:

Digital Jams--House, dance, techno. RealAudio.

HTTP Direct Downloads:

Aftermath--A cool indie alternative band with MP3 songs.
Battle of the Web Bands
Beat Driven Music Review--Featuring cool reviews and MP3s
Best of British--Featuring cool British bands, info, and downloads.
Depeche Mode--A nice looking, very well-formatted site. Lots of live and remixed songs.
Digital Knights--A cool indie group with MP3s and guitar tabs.
European Tip Ten--Yeah, tip tecn, not a typo.
Frantic Dogpaddle--Another cool indie artist.
Hip-Hop MP3s--Rare tracks at the premiere hip-hop site.
Infinite Productions--many downloads of this independent artist are available.
Nine Inch Nails archive--Back on track, one of the best artist archives on the net.
The Prodigy-- A reliable Prodigy archive.
Sonic Invasion--This is an independent techno duo offering MP3 full song samples.
Smashing Pumpkins audio archive--This site is absolutely packed with MP3s. Highly recommended!
Unknown Techno archive--Great downloads but takes a long time to get through.

HTTP to FTP (pages connected to their own archive):

Aphex Twin archive--Pure and simply the most impressive collection of this most influential electronic artist.
The Cure--Find your rare and live Cure stuff here.
E * Que--Responsible for the Winamp demo song.
INSOUNDS--A Northwest indie label.
Pearl Jam--Live and rare archive. Opens Mar. 29.

FTP: good variety here.
Bjork--Get almost anything by Bjork/The Sugarcubes here. Some early stuff is especially entertaining.

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