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1/8/98: Dimension Music
1/15/98: <---- MOS didn't follow rules, hence they are not listed here...
1/22/98: Cyberman's MP3z
1/29/98: Jamuraa's MP3s of The Week
2/6/98: K's MP3s
2/13/98: United MP3
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3/20/98: MP3 Extreme

Arguably the most sought-after award for MP3 sites. If you're a big site and you don't have it, you're missing something.

Read this page before asking for an award. There are rules to follow...

To get featured, e-mail me for nomination and approval.
Subject: Feature me!
You can nominate your own site. If you don't win, you are automatically entered into the next week. If your site is the best of the week, you will get an e-mail confirmation and a link from my MP3 page. At that point, you are expected to place a link to my MP3 page and use the above pic (saved to your server) using the following HTML:

<a href="">
<img src="feature.gif" border=0></a>

Do NOT use the graphic unless you are told to in an e-mail confirmation.
The graphic and link must be put up and must REMAIN if you want your page referenced from this page after it has been featured. I will not put up a banner because I think giving a big link is enough exposure and I have too many banners already! =)

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